eUICC and eSIM Developer Manual

Introduction #

This page is intended to be vendor-independent collaborative collection of technical information about eUICC and eSIM. It’s the kind of information we would have expected to exist when we first started to work with this technology.

The main audience are developers who work with this technology, as well as researchers interested in extending their know-how on eUICC and eSIM related technologies.

The main focus currently is the so-called consumer eUICC (SGP.22), and not the older M2M eUICC (SGP.02) or the upcoming IoT eUICC (SGP.32).

This site was originally started by septs and was donated to the Osmocom (Open Source Mobile Communications) Project in Early June 2024.

Forum / Discussions #

We have set up an GSMA eSIM / eUICC Forum in the Osmocom discourse. Feel free to register an account and join the discussion about any kind of related technical discussions!

How to contribute #

The source code to this manual is kept in the osmocom gitea, where you can send us pull requests for any changes.

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NDA-free statement #

All content on this site comes from publicly available sources and does not contain NDA content.

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