Applet IDs

ECASD Application #

The ECASD is responsible for secure storage of credentials required to support the required Security Domains on the eUICC.

Applet ID: A0000005591010FFFFFFFF8900000200

More See SGP.22 v2.3 (2.4.2)

ISD-R Application #

The ISD-R is responsible for the creation of new ISD-Ps and lifecycle management of all ISD-Ps.

Applet ID: A0000005591010FFFFFFFF8900000100

More See SGP.22 v2.3 (2.4.3)

ISD-P Application #

The ISD-P is the on-card representative of the SM-DP+ and is a secure container (Security Domain) for the hosting of a Profile. The ISD-P is used for the Profile download and installation in collaboration with the Profile Package Interpreter for the decoding/interpretation of the received Profile Package.

More See SGP.22 v2.3 (2.4.4)

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