Introduction #

The consumer architecture (SGP.21) follows a client-driven pull model that gives control over remote provisioning and local management of the profile to user of the device.

The solution consists of the SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager - Data Preparation Plus) for the creation and protection of MNO profiles and a specific application on the device, the LPA (Local Profile Assistant) that manages the communication between eSIM and backend.

The optional SM-DS (Subscription Manager - Discovery Server) enables automated profile discovery, if selected as an activation method by the MNO (Mobile Network Operator).

FOSS Solutions #

Articles #

eSIM RSP SM-DP+ Common Mutual Authentication #

eSIM RSP SM-DP+ Understanding Profile Download and Installation #

  • Part 1: PrepareDownload
  • Part 2: GetBoundProfilePackage
  • Part 3: InitialiseSecureChannelRequest

Do-It-Yourself eSIM RSP #

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